Monday, October 09, 2006


Speaking of tools which don't get in your way... (screenshot taken from this page too.) Windows-only, but Mac folks will recognize the Quicksilver-like tendencies. Basically, press Alt-space and this little dude pops up; start typing the name of the program you want to run or the file you want to open (you can set the directories you want Launchy to look in) and whoop, up it pops. No Start > All Programs > Adobe > Photoshop > Blah > Blahblah > Blahblahblah clicking.

I've been using it for all of 2 minutes, and I'm completely sold.


Roland said...

Better than Windows-R?

L33tminion said...

Most excellent. Thanks for the link.

Mel said...

To Roland: Windows-R still has its uses (network folders, sifting through my archives - anything heavy on browsing through files) but for the most part, Launchy's replaced Windows-R for the actual launching of applications for me.