Saturday, November 18, 2006

The babies! They are everywhere!

Just saw two short videos of two baby boys screaming their tiny heads off. Welcome to the world, Julian and Luke! My father's youngest brother's new twins bring the Chua-side cousin tally up to 9, rapidly catching up to the Lim side's 14.

Also, I'm continuously surprised to find out that my shy little brother has somehow turned into a confident young man (really an adult - he's 18 on Tuesday) sometime in the almost-7 years I've been studying away from home. If I've got one regret about going away for school, it's that I didn't get to see him grow up. But I really like the person he's growing up into. I'm not-so-secretly hoping my grad school will be near his college so we can get to know each other again.

Happy birthday, kiddos. And a birthday shout-out to my cousin Mark (who goes to Babson) who passed the "I'm not a teenager any more!" mark this month as well. Mmm, milestones.

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