Thursday, May 03, 2007

Short update

I'm treating myself to a blog post over dinner because I've had a wonderfully productive day. I have three minutes to write this as my dinner nukes, so:

  • Books are expensive! Engineering textbooks are more expensive than education ones, except for the weird out-of-print education titles, which are just as bad as engineering texts.
  • I am going to need a bigger bookshelf this summer. I have a bed with a slide going down to it! and what we've dubbed "The Happy Mel Box" underneath (it's lofted).

  • It's in the tough times when you find out what's really important to you. Do I care about certification, or do I care about learning? Do I care about school or do I care about education? Do I grow hungry for math and engineering theory when I don't get it? Hands-on building (precision or hacking)? (Learning, education, oh yes I do, and mostly hacking.)
  • I don't suck at math! I think.
  • Being sick is really annoying.
  • Families are awesome.
Ding! Food. Back to work. If all goes well, I'll be done with two classes by the end of the night.

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Achi Nono said...

hey, almost getting ready for the big day... scary to think you're about to graduate (am i really that old now? ;)

we never got to complete our conversation about your plans after school... let me know how we can chat sometime. or maybe you can finally take that trip to cincy to visit me :) i am now a proud owner of a real US size japanese bike had way too small wheels i use up twice more energy pedalling ;) so when you come here, you can have your choice of bikes to use. and pets to pet (my dogs or ian's cats)... see, tons of options! lol having more options is probably not what you want at this point, more things to decide on.

good luck in the last few weeks of being an undergrad student.